Route Management

CMD has developed an innovative routing program that optimises the number of vehicles required to deliver goods to a customer.

Route Manager operates on an Internet or Intranet platform and provides the ability to:

          + Display geographically customer calls for the day.
          + Optimise the number of vehicles required for each days delivery.
          + Track each vehicles location on a map through GPS.
          + Move customers from one delivery run to another.
          + Route the vehicle by the most optimal route.
          + Display the profit, volume and number of customers being visited by each vehicle for the day.
 Route Manager is a cost effective software solution. For a $30,000 investment, a company can expect to make an annual saving of $210,000 on its vehicle fleet.

Route Manager          Route Manager Screen

Route Manager is available in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore. Tailored applications can be made for any country on request.


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