Market Research Channel Marketing  The Market Footprint Specialized Spatial Analysis Channel Strategy Route Manager

Market Research

Why not use the channel experts when you need to research your organization's channels to market or customers?

Channel Marketing

CMD helps clients throughout the world achieve channel integration through the use of specialized tools and intellectual expertise.

The Market Footprint

A specialized location intelligence system enabling its clients to spatially view their market.

Specialized Spatial Analysis

CMD provides specialized spatial services so that our clients can identify the best site, territory structure or optimum network within a geographical area or location.

Channel Strategy

Remaining competitive in a changing and diverse market is a challenge CMD understands.

Route Manager

CMD has developed an innovative routing program that optimizes the number of vehicles required to deliver goods to a customer.



Welcome to Channel Marketing Decisions CMD

CMD (Channel Marketing Decisions)

  • CMD is an innovative International Marketing Consulting Company specialising in marketing and sales channels.

  • CMD produces solutions that maximise returns for its clients in the areas of channels to market, routes to market, marketing channels or any defined marketing distribution network.

  • CMD builds leading edge solutions utilizing the latest technology to develop, optimise, rationalise, expand, grow or merge your routes to market.



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